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Angeleen qualified and worked as an accountant herself, having commenced her career with one of the "Big 8" accounting firms. She was an external auditor for 5 years, and later decided to move to a second tier firm within their business services division, where she managed a portfolio of clients and a small team of accountants and bookkeepers. She was at manager level and was exposed to HR functions/issues and also recruited staff for the firm.

In 1989, Angeleen decided it was time for a career change, and moved into the recruitment industry, which was at it's infancy stage. She recruited initially in the accounting profession with one of the "multinationals", and later expanded into the commercial sector.

Due to her extensive knowledge of the accounting profession, Angeleen also assists accounting firms with their annual salary reviews, customisation of performance appraisals and performance incentive schemes to suit their size/type of firm. She has an extensive network of contacts within the industry and strives to tailor made solutions for both clients and candidates.